An Artist's Garden

There is a very special garden located on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon that epitomizes to me what gardens are all about. It represents the marriage between art and horticulture, creativity and human energy...It spells out to anyone who visits the notion that a garden should be fun. The owner used the garden as a canvas to reflect his personality. It brings joy and inspiration to everyone.

A wall of man-made 'stone' where garage doors once stood.

A curved pergola occupies the space where a massive Sequoia tree once grew.

Statuary by the owner-artist contrast with the varied foliage of grasses and shrubs.

A beautiful pond, complete with bridge and lush plantings, was added where a lawn once grew. Next to the pond a small grouping of stones appear to be in conversation.

Eyes are led upwards towards fanciful creatures and structures.

Steps and pathways lead into various levels of garden rooms.

In the 'farm' section of the garden , a unique hen house abides, surrounded by raised vegetable beds, and a decorative fence...complete with hand sculpted finials of fruit!