LANDSCAPE PHOTO ALBUM....through the seasons

A garden is forever changing- with time and the seasons- light patterns, the ebb and flow of blooms and foliage, wind, rain, and snow - all influence the ephemeral nature of a garden. Periodically, I will post garden images that I feel illustrate the magic of what a garden is during the changing seasons. If you really yearn for ice and snow, take a trip to another climate and COOL OFF !

SPRING brings the many shades of green to mingle with the bright, fresh colors of newly emerging perennials such as the iris, forget-me-knot, tulips, euphorbias, helleborus and hardy geranium

Fickle May and June....but the grass is lush and bright green, tree blossoms are bursting and falling, scattering pink and white patterns on the ground. The perennials are emerging from Winter sleep, while Rhododendron daphnoides bursts forth purple blooms in the entry garden.....grape buds are opening on freshly pruned vines....a time of renewal....of new things to look at each day.

Frogs, fish ( and kitty) inhabit the garden, frolicking and rejoicing among new growth.

Shades of giant blue-green Hosta sieboldiana echo forget-me-knot flowers and contrast with Cornus'Hedgerows Gold'...while fresh new leaves and flowers washed with Spring rain frame May flowers of rose with Clematis montana on a copper garden gate.

SUMMER often brings both intense heat and intense color...a saturation of the senses...rampant growth on one hand, sometimes followed by the dryness and parched palette of drought.

Spectra roses seem to glow on an arbor, while matching colors of Redwine daylilies and moonshine yarrow complete this glowing summer picture

Sunday Glove daylily matched with Iceberg roses ......Perrin's Pride clematis and lavender show the pale side of Summer

This is, afterall, 'Kitty's' garden, and she watches over her domain from the deck...while enjoying the intertwining blooms of a purple clematis and Blaze rose.....AAAHHH, SUMMER! Is there time for a catnap?

A closeup of my glorious two-toned purple poppy, and the spectacular rose called 'Eddies Jewell'....the brilliant colors of both tell me that Summer has indeed arrived!

FALL displays a brilliant palette, as if in celebration! The sedums, asters, verbena and rudbeckias are showing off. We usually experience a long, warm and relatively dry month in September and anticipate an October harvest for our grape crop. The enclosed garden grows tall with verbenas and fennel, while the Cornus Hedgerows Gold adds an artist's palette to it's foliage as Fall approaches.

The grass garden, with Miscanthus (real and rebar!), Fothergilla, Hamamelis, and Spiraea, goes from the greens and yellows of Summer (left) to a textural explosion of rusts and reds in Fall

Our new fountain, 10 ft. wide at the base-designed and installed by my husband in October 2002. The basin is the end section of an iron tank measuring 7 ft. across, complete with bolt holes around the lip. Placing it on our sloped hillside was a challenge! Scale is important on a large property, so don't be afraid of creating your own artistic focal points from found objects.

Portland has a tradition of having many interesting Fountains Read the article by John Gorman.

My grandson, Brayden , checking things out.

Fall leaves in the fountain....and Winter icicles echo Mt.Hood on the horizon.

A FALL composition at the Platt garden (designed by the late Jane Platt and lovingly maintained by her husband, John) A favorite field trip with my classes...same bed in the Spring

Fallen leaves and apples form color patterns on the ground

Japanese Maples in Fall Splendor at the Portland Japanese Gardens

Summer and Fall colors give way to the greens and browns of WINTER , where the colors of pots and garden accessories dominate...and our Rottweiler surveys the changing garden!

Timber steps, defined by a new snowfall, lead down to the 'Secret Garden'. 'Grassius rebarellium 'Gigantea'( standing 16 feet tall) graces the grass bed ,waiting for the real grasses, witch hazels, and perennials to unfurl and add height beneath it! Winter snows provide a white coat.

In the front courtyard Terra Cotta planters are filled with holly and grasses for the holidays. The back deck looks over the valley with Mt. Hood in the distance.

NATURE'S OWN inspiration

The rainforest, with its moss-laden and lichen-encrusted trees, lures me away from the garden-proper in Winter.

Sword ferns, snowberry, and frost-covered leaves sparkle on the forest floor.

Branches drip with lacey green frosting

Morning fog lingers, with fingers tracing along the swift streams and rising up from the damp ravines.

The air is fresh and smells of wet earth!

Waiting for the first snow....

Sunrise from our deck looking East towards Mt. Hood and the valley surrounding Portland, Oregon.

A Fall Sunrise from Holly Hill Road, leading down from 'Cloudrest', casts a shadow of Mt. Hood