This ranch house had a front garden and entry area that needed re-definition.The owners were planning on selling their house in a few years and wanted more curb appeal. The cracked sidewalk, flanked by turfgrass, overgrown shrubs and a dying tree, were not attractive or particularly functional, and the porch and brick work were crumbling.The area was also exposed to traffic from a busy street, and the clients wanted more privacy. We removed many of the existing shrubs and turfgrass, and opened up the large Rhododendron by the front entry with judicious pruning. A new walkway, entry arbor, and wood screens were built. This project was featured in the March 2003 issue of Smart Money Magazine in an article entitled 'Fertile Ground'. Before and after pictures show a dramatic change in the front landscape:

Wood arbors, a new expanded entry porch, large square pavers, a low stone wall and new plantings, transform this small front space that once consisted of a central sidewalk flanked by turfgrass.

The large front Rhododendron was opened up by a skilled Japanese tree expert to reveal the branch structure and lighten the front entry area. It becomes the focal point in the Spring. A low basalt stone wall edges the front porch and provides textural contrast to the tapestry of plant material.

The back garden revolves around an L-shaped deck and features a dry 'streambed', gently curving stone wall, and a circular gravel garden in the far corner. Numerous feeders and berried plants attract birds and native wildlife.

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