ONE DAY DESIGN WORKSHOP: Shaping Places...Composing Spaces

Call for details, 503-628-2552....only $40 a session!

These are small classes of only 6-8 students! Content is flexible and can be adjusted to suit your needs.


Explore form composition and the grid system as an integral part of the landscape design process. These techniques will enhance your conceptual plans by bringing definition, strong form, and flow to your designs. Bring designs or develop new ones! If there is interest, I will also explore and review the perspective overlay process that was covered in Illustration class. A second class can also be scheduled if there is enough interest in either of these subjects.

Three day WORKSHOP: Sketching in the Landscape: Color and the Sketch Journal

Three sessions to be announced...Spring and/or Summer...10:00AM-3:30PM. Call for info!

Session 1 Uses in the profession, examples, types of media

  • Beginning a Journal:combining text and drawings
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Composing the page and adding Color
  • Assignment:A view out the window
  • Session 2 Into the woods and beyond- learning to see

    Session 3 More Color exploration- Negative and Positive space

  • Natural elements-rocks, trees, water...
  • Exploring Perspective
  • Evaluations
  • A Leaf Study ....with real leaf on the right! A Fern study.....pen and ink with watercolor

    MATERIALS LIST... Design workshops

    Any designs you are working on, or I will supply one!

    tracing paper and drafting pencils

    MATERIALS LIST...3 day Sketching workshop

    #2 or HB drawing pencil

    Drawing Pad- 8x10 or 9x12" 80# or an existing pad that you may have.

    Micron black pigment drawing pen

    6 assorted Prismacolor pencils

    Small travel Watercolor set

    Water brush (a brush with built-in water container)

    Hand-held pencil sharpener

    Kneaded eraser

    A digital camera ( optional)

    a cushion or small blanket to sit on (optional...we have chairs)

    If you have existing materials that come close to what is required, please see me about substituting


    Lin, Mike, Drawing and Designing with Confidence (check out his web site!)

    Edwards, Betty, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

    Fabri, Ralph, Color, A Complete Guide for Artists

    Borgeson, Bet, The Colored Pencil (check out her website!)

    Lockard, William, Design Drawing

    Anderson, Donald, Elements of Design

    West, Keith, How to Draw Plants