I visited this garden while attending an APLD Conference in New York in 2003. PepsiCo Sculpture Garden is located in Purchase, New York, and includes over 168 acres of inventive gardens designed by the late British landscape designer Russell Page. When Page died in 1985, Francois Goffinet continued his work. Over 42 pieces of monumental sculpture by Alexander Calder, Claus Oldenburg, David Smith, Henry Moore,George Segal and many other major artists of the 20th century are exquisitely placed on the grounds surrounding corporate headquarters. Few collections can compare with the scale, variety and quality of the sculpture garden at Pepsico.

Buildings, Sculpture, and Landforms are integrated.

Scale plays tricks in this garden!

A group of modern-day birds gather by the pond.

Mature stands of trees are reflected in the various water features.

Natural plantings lure you from the open 'gallery' spaces to the garden edges

Some plant compositions reflect modern art.

Classical interpretations mix with pure modern.

Bright colorforms on a massive scale are striking against the conifers!

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