Portland Community College

Sample syllabus

This class will teach drawing skills that are intended to compliment the basic drafting course and are essential to the landscape professional during the design process , or in communicating with the client. In order for a design to be successful, it must be understood and visualized by both the designer and the client. The quick sketch, perspectives, and projections are all helpful tools that will bring the plan view design to life. We will explore a variety of techniques, including the more laborious process of the botanical illustration.

Time: TUESDAY LECT: 1-2pm, Lab 2-4:50pm , with 1-2 field trips on a Sat. or Sun TBA

Dates: Spring term: April - June

Place: Rock Creek, PCC, Lect and labs:Bldg # 7 room 102, Office: Bldg #7 room 202

Instructor: Linda Engstrom- Office Phone 614-7034/ Home 503 628-2552 (preferred)

  • Text : none required
  • Suggested :
    • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Edwards
    • Design Drawing, Francis Ching
    • Drawing the Landscape, Chip Sullivan (available thru ASLA Bookstore, Amazon, etc)
    • Drawing and Designing with Confidence, Mike Lin (ASLA Bookstore, Amazon)
    • How to Draw Plants, Keith West

    also available in library or in room:

    • Pencil Sketching, Wang
    • Landscape Graphics, Reid
    • Color Drawing Workshop, Borgeson
    • Design Drawing, W. Lockard
    • Design Drawing Experiences, W. Lockard
    • The Art of Urban Sketching, G.Campanario,

    Equipment and supplies:

    • Drawing Pads- ~14" x 17" , 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 or smaller
    • Bristol Board- 2 or 3 ply plate finish-( 1 sheet for botanical drawing)
    • Drawing Pencils: HB, 2H,4B, #2 ( not mechanical / drafting)
    • Erasers- kneaded and pink
    • 45 degree triangle, architects ruler (for projections)
    • Hand magnifying lens (for botanical drawing)
    • Pencil sharpener
    • Tracing paper
    • Optional- ink pens, felt tip pens, sharpie pen

    Grading: This is a pass/no pass course.An A-B-C grade can be requested. Pass will be considered as 75% or higher. Evaluation will be based on contents of sketch notebook, botanical drawing, perspectives, projection and final collage presentation.

    Incompletes: will be given to those students unable to complete coursework due to unforeseen circumstances. The student is responsible for arranging with the instructor for incompletes. The student must have been making satisfactory progress in the class. Incompletes must be made up in 3 quarters from the date given or the grade will be changed to an X. An Audit is suggested if you plan on being absent for more than three class sessions.

    PCC is committed to supporting all students. If you have an accommodation form from the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD), please make arrangements to meet with me privately to discuss your needs. Accommodations are not retroactive, but begin when the instructor receives the OSD Approved Academic Accommodations form from the student. To request academic accommodations due to a disability, please contact OSD at 503-614-7300

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