Dumbarton Oaks

This is a very unique garden designed by Beatrix Ferrand and located in Washington D.C. Many people are familiar with her name as one of the few female landscape architects to gain recognition during the last century.The garden was designed between 1921 and 1947 for Mildred Barnes Bliss, and is an example of the type of garden representative of the Country House Era. Ferrand was known for her use of exquisite detailing, much of which reflected both European ideals as well as the Arts and Crafts movement. Brick, teak and cypress were used for hardscaping elements with large specimen trees, and evergreen shrubs such as oak, yew, holly and boxwood providing textural interest. These pictures were taken by Barbara Simon, one of my project designers, on a visit to the garden in early June, 2002.

A wonderful bench, one of many that provides the visitor with an opportunity to sit and enjoy the garden.

The brick mansion, with eloquent grass terraces, provide a formal backdrop.

One of the outstanding examples of specimen trees that were integrated into the garden design

The formal, enclosed Pebble Garden shows French influence.

Ironwork, such as this railing detail, enrich the garden.

Wonderful stuctures, such as this wood pergola, form enclosures and intimate spots throughout.

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