Built structures in the landscape provide a pleasing contrast to plant material, as well as vertical or horizontal support for vines. When space is limited, they can facilitate a feeling of enclosure and privacy.

A large deck and trellis system (for vines) which I designed to look out onto a future Japanese-style woodland garden. The overhead beams tend to frame various parts of the garden and create a sense of enclosure. Built-in benches and tables, along with a future hot-tub, will create a true 'outdoor room'.

(deck built by Bruce Sherbourne)

A simple trellis helps to soften the area around garage doors that face onto a combo driveway-patio in a small urban garden, where every inch of space is utilized. An evergreen Clematis is trained to climb up the trellis.

The side patio and pergola with finished details of railing and benches. Recycled concrete from an old walkway, set in fine gravel and bordered by river rock, forms the pathway coming in on the left.

This unique curved pergola wraps around the back corner of a house, creating a flowing focal point for a patio and small pond that anchor the design. In the front garden, another unique arbor brings you into the entry courtyard.

(Michael Schultz, designer; Jim Bauer, builder)

Two curved pergolas: one edged with Euphorbias, designed and built by Ron Wagner, a creative Portland designer. The other, at Heronswood Nursery in Kingston, Washington, serves as a backdrop for spectacular display gardens.

I designed this pergola to lead up a sloped gravel and brick pathway to a new brick patio. The patio features raised brick planters, and a fountain framed by a similar-styled arbor set against what was once a blank garage wall.

The surfaces of pathways or patios that lead to, or are under structures, can be just as important as the structure itself, and should tie into the total design....these pictures illustrate using broken concrete that was already on the site at both locations.

And to end on a slightly romantic son took this picture of a rustic pergola, located somewhere in California. This structure just oozes charm and personality...and beckons you to walk through it!

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