The Beasley Garden in Sherwood, Oregon

This is one of my favorite gardens to bring my students to on a field trip! It's full of creative ideas and magical, fun combinations of plants and garden accessories. The creators, Geof Beasley and Michael Schultz, have been developing the many garden rooms for over a decade. The 10 acre garden surrounds a remodeled farmhouse and a beautiful new 'old' barn in a rural area south of Portland.

Plants are skillfully combined to emphasize contrasting textures and form. These plants surround a small garden house made from old windows.

Each garden room has a distinct personality- with furnishings to match

The entrance into the white Moon Garden- a vine-covered rebar arbor with matching pots

A circle of elevated blue balls surrounded by blue and grey-leaved plants create a magical space

A large pot contrasts with willowy, fine-textured plants

A birdbath occupies a small circular room surrounded by arched purple beech trees

An Adirondack chair sits in a lawn of long grass with a gated arbor in the background.