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Get the most out of a CONSULTATION with your Landscape Designer by asking yourself beforehand:

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This analysis is designed to give me an overall concept of your property, family lifestyle, and the design elements that need to be considered for the conceptual landscape plan. With the information provided here, and during follow-up conversations, I can tailor the design to your specific needs.


1. List family members and hobbies - interests which might influence property use

2. Are there any allergies or other medical problems/conditions which should be considered?

3. Do you have any pets that might require a special area or run?

4. Do you want or need a fence? Height restrictions?

5. Do you live in a development where there are any covenants I should be aware of?

6. Entryway

7. Driveway - vehicle access

8. Utility

9. Children's area

10. Entertaining - Outdoor living

11. Edible Gardening-

12. Maintenance: How many hours a week are you willing to work on your property?

13. Do you have specific plant preferences and colors? (list seperately if necessary)

14. Do you want any of the following decorative features / accessories?

15. Circulation: In considering typical outdoor activities of your family, are there areas where you foresee a path, or traffic-tolerant surface needed?

II. SITE- do you have a site map / plot plan? (available from builder or county)

1. Approx. size of property __________________________( provide specific dimensions of property lines if available)

2. Site character (wooded, open meadow, steep, urban lot, rural.....)

3. Problem areas- steep slopes, poor drainage? erosion? shallow soil?

4. Considering your lifestyle, what feeling or mood do you want to establish? ( natural, formal, oriental, English country......)

5. What are the most frequently used rooms of your house?

6. Are there any natural features on the property that you would like to emphasize? or change?

7. Where is drain field, or septic tank location? Can you locate the lines?

8. Are there easements or deeded restrictions that you know of?

9.. Does the site pose energy problems?

10. Are there areas of micro-climates (total shade, protected or enclosed areas...)? describe locations

11. Are there street lights, noises, or views outside the property that cause problems or need screening attention??

12 . Do any existing plants, trees or structures need to be removed or relocated?

Please add any other information that you feel would be helpful in planning your design. Include any photos or idea clippings if you have them. I will arrange to pick this material up, or you may mail this to me at : 34780 SW Cloudrest Lane, Hillsboro, Oregon, 97123
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